Video Games?!? You’re such a kid!

Oh I am such a kid!

Being an avid gamer, I can never resist a good game that has adequate gameplay and brilliant graphics because of which I am always pouncing on every chance I can get to play video games on my dear PS3. I love games that offer something exotic in terms of character, story and visual effects. And if it involves any of my favorite characters like Wolverine, you can expect me to be glued on to the screen unable to put down the joypad for the want of getting through the next level or finishing off the next enemy. Yeah… I am hooked. And so far the only person who has been able to make me part with the joypad and not grumble is my wife. Sweet eh?

Time and again I find people telling me that I need to grow up. Its usually my dad or mom or some old relative who would tell me I need to grow out of this childish hobby. They seem to think that gaming is for kids. Now its also coming from friends who seem to think they are big men. I totally resent this attitude toward my hobby. Why should gaming be considered a child’s interest? Just because some fella buys a PS3 for his three year old son does not make the concept childish. Would we then classify watching TV as childish, since children love watching TV? Of course not, that would be a stupid thing to do. What we would say is there are channels for children and there are channels for grown ups. 

Would you classify this as a kids game?

If the average brain has no problem with that logic, I can’t, for the life of me, understand why the average person cannot sum it up when it comes to gaming as well? There are games for children and there are games for grown ups. I happen to be playing the ones for grown ups.

Now that is a kid's game

The same goes for animated movies. Not all animated movies or cartoons are for kids. There are those that are for grown ups as well. Don’t believe me? Well, I doubt you would want to let your kids watch cartoons like Spawn and Helsing. Let them stick to Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for a bit longer. And for crying out loud! SIMPSONS is not a kids cartoon! Kids would NEVER understand what Homer or Bart were saying no matter what their IQ is!

I don’t care how many people think gaming is for kids. They are all wrong unless they are gonna tell me that watching TV or playing outdoor games are kids stuff as well.

  1. Some cartoons (like you mentioned – SPAWN) are actually rated R or 15 or 18 as well.

    It’s really difficult to make people understand. Explain it once. Twice, if you really like the person. Then just let it go.

    For someone who doesn’t understand – you can try to explain. But someone who doesn’t WANT to understand… there is nothing you can do.

    • Absolutely! To most ‘uncles’, my folks included, anything animated is for kids. My mom is forever on my case about me playing video games. According to her my sensitive stomach is due to my gaming! And there is nothing that will get her to think otherwise… Sigh…

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