I’m Back!

So I guess I am back after a pretty long time. I have been having quite a hard time trying to clear up my head to put something down. Had a great vacation and been back to the grind at office for about a month now. Actually office is getting pretty boring with a big lack of clients coming in with all the recession and what not going on.

So basically, I am pretty jobless most of the time.

We had a great time back in Kerala. Enjoyed a couple of days in a lake side resort in Kumarakom and even did some fishing!

Caught a couple of those small fish that you can’t even cook. But then we weren’t fishing to cook. Poor fish though. We forgot all about them and left em in the bucket…

I caught fish!


Yup... Thats all the fish I caught and forgot...

    • Mathai
    • March 9th, 2010

    man I need a vacation! nice catch! 😛

    • Thanks… I surprised myself actually…

      The resort was simply amazing. We got cottages right infront of the lake and in the morning the sky and the lake were of the same color. It was looking into infinity. 🙂

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