Traffic Week?

Seriously! What’s with this Traffic Week thing?!? You have cops all over the place looking for people who have broken the most trivial of traffic laws and fining them. Cars being towed away as if there is a competition among cops as to who gets the most number of cars in. And not to mention Linda on FM 99.7 praising every cop that busts a reckless driver, cos, hey, a coffee stain on his upholstery can cause a pile up killing many innocent commuters! It’s about time someone fined her for violating all known limits of bullshit.

Will a Traffic Week cure this guy?

So what’s the whole purpose of this Traffic Week here? I sure cannot figure it out. Is it some weird way of spreading awareness? If it is I doubt it is working. I mean, if you need to have a Traffic Week to understand that zipping from the fourth lane to the first and then back to the fourth so you can go for the exit all while maintaining a speed above 120km/h is dangerous, you are probably pretty much beyond repair anyways. Besides, what happens after this Traffic Week? Are things gonna be back to normal? What about a month from now? Will we completely eradicate the practice of using phones while driving? Will we never see people zipping from lane to lane at mind numbing speeds?

Like most things, this Traffic Week is not going to have any effect on the way people drive out here. You are still going to have reckless buggers trying to break the sound barrier on the road.

    • Mathai
    • March 16th, 2010

    Keeping by the rules for one week is not enough, what’ll happen next week? The maniacs will be back on the roads 😦

    • nameisbond
    • March 17th, 2010

    “Be aware of other’s fault”, that’s the caption give to the traffic week. I wish every one recognizes their faults and rectify them so that they wont put themselves and others at risk.

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