Yesterday Was Scary!

Yesterday was one of those days that have you worried your worst nightmares were coming true. Everyone has their own set of worst nightmares. Some are scary like being trapped in a small glass box while dangling a top a skyscraper (that probably has to be a favorite among people who suffer from vertigo and claustrophobia). Others are just down right embarrassing like being asked by your parents to show the uncle, who just walked in to your apartment, how you dance or sing and then feeling like a jack ass as you do. I am pretty sure many of you have had that experience!

I guess yesterday was my day I guess. There I was walking around a shopping area in Salmiya with my wife happily looking at different kinds of clothes. As my wife was trying out different outfits, I was spending my time looking at other clothes in the shop wondering why anyone would wanna buy clothes that don’t cover anything much. You know the clothes that defy the whole purpose of clothes. Hey! I am not complaining, just wondering.

So anyways, as I was killing time looking at clothes and mannequins, suddenly out of nowhere there was this real weird feeling in my tummy. You know… the feeling that the guy playing pool in your tummy pocketed the second last ball and is just about to clear the table? Yeah that one! All of a sudden a nice evening has turned into the hunt for tranquility!

Thankfully, we had Marina Mall close by. I hope I am this lucky all the time.

I also hope nobody at Marina remembers me. 😀

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