What Happened to the Cartoons?!?

The Singing Dino, Barney

Has anyone noticed the kind of cartoons that are on air these days?!? Why the hell are all the cartoons so sickeningly lovey-dovey?!? Kids, these days, seem to be watching shows like Sponge Bob and other weird stuff like Barney, which seems to be a modern version of Sesame Street run by a big pink singing dinosaur!

The Talking Sponge

What happened to those awesome shows like ThunderCats, Voltron and Grandizer? How we kids used to jump with joy when the good guys kick some bad guy ass to kingdom come and save the earth over and over again! We grew up with cartoons that had attitude and fired us up. Who among us has not ever wanted the, ThunderCat Sword, Sword of Omens?!? Heck I was always squealing for it anytime we went to the mall!

Example of a REAL cartoon!

Now all kids have to watch is a talking sponge and a pink dinosaur that is happily running about singing songs! YUCK!! Talk about the pussification of the next generation! The only decent shows these days are Ben 10 and The Secret Saturdays and even those seem to lack the attitude the old shows had.

People are so stuck up over violence on TV that they are too damn scared to let their kids watch even good quality action cartoons! Of course, it would be irresponsible to expose kids to everything that on TV, but please, completely isolating them from everything that shows action and battle and exposing them to only colorful lovey-dovey stuff is senseless!

I mean think about it… What’s a lil guy gonna do when he lies awake in his bed? Become his favorite superhero and kick some bad guy ass, or imagine he is running around with a big pink singing dinosaur?

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