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What Happened to the Cartoons?!?

The Singing Dino, Barney

Has anyone noticed the kind of cartoons that are on air these days?!? Why the hell are all the cartoons so sickeningly lovey-dovey?!? Kids, these days, seem to be watching shows like Sponge Bob and other weird stuff like Barney, which seems to be a modern version of Sesame Street run by a big pink singing dinosaur!

The Talking Sponge

What happened to those awesome shows like ThunderCats, Voltron and Grandizer? How we kids used to jump with joy when the good guys kick some bad guy ass to kingdom come and save the earth over and over again! We grew up with cartoons that had attitude and fired us up. Who among us has not ever wanted the, ThunderCat Sword, Sword of Omens?!? Heck I was always squealing for it anytime we went to the mall!

Example of a REAL cartoon!

Now all kids have to watch is a talking sponge and a pink dinosaur that is happily running about singing songs! YUCK!! Talk about the pussification of the next generation! The only decent shows these days are Ben 10 and The Secret Saturdays and even those seem to lack the attitude the old shows had.

People are so stuck up over violence on TV that they are too damn scared to let their kids watch even good quality action cartoons! Of course, it would be irresponsible to expose kids to everything that on TV, but please, completely isolating them from everything that shows action and battle and exposing them to only colorful lovey-dovey stuff is senseless!

I mean think about it… What’s a lil guy gonna do when he lies awake in his bed? Become his favorite superhero and kick some bad guy ass, or imagine he is running around with a big pink singing dinosaur?


Lungis in Trouble!

Came across this piece from the forum I frequent. Thanks Jonyboy!

The Sharjah Government seems to be stirring shit up. It seems that men wearing lungis is a violation to their decency.

DUBAI: It may be the traditional drape of millions of Indians but the ‘humble lungi’ has attracted the wrath of authorities in Sharjah as the police is reportedly cracking down on men wearing the dress in public places.

There has, however, been no official communication to this effect.

Local reports said an Asian man was arrested and interrogated by police patrols in Sharjah a few days ago for wearing lungi in public.

He was told not to wear the dress in public. The news has had mixed reactions from Indians in the UAE even from those who rarely venture out in the traditional wear.

Yup... Its very offensive!

So apparently, its all fine and dandy to wear white night gowns with weirdass head gears that they keep flipping here and there even while driving at 200 km/h, but wearing lungis is a big no no. Talk about double standards!

Apparently, this is cool...

You Dont Watch Sports?!?

Have you had people stare at you in disbelief when you tell them you don’t watch sports? It seems to be a guy thing to proudly state that he watches this sport or that one. I am not against that. You can watch whatever you want. But when people ask me what kind of a person does not watch sports, it pisses me off!

Ever since the IPL started I seem to be bumping into people who keep track of every game, every player and every record as if they are walking billboards of the biggest craze in India. Frankly I don’t see what the hype is all about. In my opinion, cricket and its players are over rated in India. Its just a guy hitting a ball, that was thrown in a funny manner, with a funny stick while another dozen players run around to catch it and throw it back. I just don’t enjoy watching that stuff. In fact I don’t enjoy watching another guy play a game and I definitely don’t feel hitting a ball around a field qualifies a person for the status of a demi god.

But hey, if you like watching it, by all means please continue. You can watch all the cricket or tennis you want and feel sad about Sania Mirza marrying a Pakistani cricketer. You can soak in all the gossip you can get your hands on about every cricketer you can think of. You can also listen to what Tiger Woods has to say even though you don’t know what the fuck golf is anyway. You won’t have me tell you what a bloody waste of time it is, well, unless you are using my TV. Just don’t expect me to be all excited everytime you tell me that Yuvraj or some other cricketer hit a sixer. If he can hit a six while on his knees with his right hand tied behind his back, then maybe I will watch it once or twice before deleting it.

Meat is Back!

Meat is finally back on the menu! After having braved one of the most grueling weekends of Christianity, I am so glad to have some meat back in my diet!

Traffic Week?

Seriously! What’s with this Traffic Week thing?!? You have cops all over the place looking for people who have broken the most trivial of traffic laws and fining them. Cars being towed away as if there is a competition among cops as to who gets the most number of cars in. And not to mention Linda on FM 99.7 praising every cop that busts a reckless driver, cos, hey, a coffee stain on his upholstery can cause a pile up killing many innocent commuters! It’s about time someone fined her for violating all known limits of bullshit.

Will a Traffic Week cure this guy?

So what’s the whole purpose of this Traffic Week here? I sure cannot figure it out. Is it some weird way of spreading awareness? If it is I doubt it is working. I mean, if you need to have a Traffic Week to understand that zipping from the fourth lane to the first and then back to the fourth so you can go for the exit all while maintaining a speed above 120km/h is dangerous, you are probably pretty much beyond repair anyways. Besides, what happens after this Traffic Week? Are things gonna be back to normal? What about a month from now? Will we completely eradicate the practice of using phones while driving? Will we never see people zipping from lane to lane at mind numbing speeds?

Like most things, this Traffic Week is not going to have any effect on the way people drive out here. You are still going to have reckless buggers trying to break the sound barrier on the road.

Yesterday Was Scary!

Yesterday was one of those days that have you worried your worst nightmares were coming true. Everyone has their own set of worst nightmares. Some are scary like being trapped in a small glass box while dangling a top a skyscraper (that probably has to be a favorite among people who suffer from vertigo and claustrophobia). Others are just down right embarrassing like being asked by your parents to show the uncle, who just walked in to your apartment, how you dance or sing and then feeling like a jack ass as you do. I am pretty sure many of you have had that experience!

I guess yesterday was my day I guess. There I was walking around a shopping area in Salmiya with my wife happily looking at different kinds of clothes. As my wife was trying out different outfits, I was spending my time looking at other clothes in the shop wondering why anyone would wanna buy clothes that don’t cover anything much. You know the clothes that defy the whole purpose of clothes. Hey! I am not complaining, just wondering.

So anyways, as I was killing time looking at clothes and mannequins, suddenly out of nowhere there was this real weird feeling in my tummy. You know… the feeling that the guy playing pool in your tummy pocketed the second last ball and is just about to clear the table? Yeah that one! All of a sudden a nice evening has turned into the hunt for tranquility!

Thankfully, we had Marina Mall close by. I hope I am this lucky all the time.

I also hope nobody at Marina remembers me. 😀

I’m Back!

So I guess I am back after a pretty long time. I have been having quite a hard time trying to clear up my head to put something down. Had a great vacation and been back to the grind at office for about a month now. Actually office is getting pretty boring with a big lack of clients coming in with all the recession and what not going on.

So basically, I am pretty jobless most of the time.

We had a great time back in Kerala. Enjoyed a couple of days in a lake side resort in Kumarakom and even did some fishing!

Caught a couple of those small fish that you can’t even cook. But then we weren’t fishing to cook. Poor fish though. We forgot all about them and left em in the bucket…

I caught fish!


Yup... Thats all the fish I caught and forgot...

Hi 2010!


Hope Everyone had a blast!

It’s been a while since I got the time and the mind to sit and post something. It has been more of a “writer’s block” I suppose.

At the moment, me and the wife are thrilled about going to India. We have a cousin to marry off, a small district of relatives to meet, and a whole lot of traveling to do. It sure is gonna be one hectic trip. Then again vacations to India are hardly vacations. It’s a race against time to meet all the relatives you possibly can before your time runs out.

Hope to post something interesting in the near future.

Video Games?!? You’re such a kid!

Oh I am such a kid!

Being an avid gamer, I can never resist a good game that has adequate gameplay and brilliant graphics because of which I am always pouncing on every chance I can get to play video games on my dear PS3. I love games that offer something exotic in terms of character, story and visual effects. And if it involves any of my favorite characters like Wolverine, you can expect me to be glued on to the screen unable to put down the joypad for the want of getting through the next level or finishing off the next enemy. Yeah… I am hooked. And so far the only person who has been able to make me part with the joypad and not grumble is my wife. Sweet eh?

Time and again I find people telling me that I need to grow up. Its usually my dad or mom or some old relative who would tell me I need to grow out of this childish hobby. They seem to think that gaming is for kids. Now its also coming from friends who seem to think they are big men. I totally resent this attitude toward my hobby. Why should gaming be considered a child’s interest? Just because some fella buys a PS3 for his three year old son does not make the concept childish. Would we then classify watching TV as childish, since children love watching TV? Of course not, that would be a stupid thing to do. What we would say is there are channels for children and there are channels for grown ups. 

Would you classify this as a kids game?

If the average brain has no problem with that logic, I can’t, for the life of me, understand why the average person cannot sum it up when it comes to gaming as well? There are games for children and there are games for grown ups. I happen to be playing the ones for grown ups.

Now that is a kid's game

The same goes for animated movies. Not all animated movies or cartoons are for kids. There are those that are for grown ups as well. Don’t believe me? Well, I doubt you would want to let your kids watch cartoons like Spawn and Helsing. Let them stick to Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for a bit longer. And for crying out loud! SIMPSONS is not a kids cartoon! Kids would NEVER understand what Homer or Bart were saying no matter what their IQ is!

I don’t care how many people think gaming is for kids. They are all wrong unless they are gonna tell me that watching TV or playing outdoor games are kids stuff as well.


Folks, dont get carried away by the 2012 doomsday theorists. There is a doomsday every now and then and in 2013 we will have another. So relax, the Mayans didn’t say its gonna be the end of the world. It just happens to be the last year on their calender.