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I Hate Dentists!

Does anyone like going to the dentist? Personally, I hate going to anyone who would be looking for the next excuse to pull out one of my tooth and dentists seem to be notorious for just that. As you would have probably guessed by know, my trips to the dentist were far from pleasant. My mom was accomplice to this heinous act when I was but an innocent child who was so content playing with earthworms and lighting match sticks.
Dentist Attack!

Hmm... What do I pluck out today?

It so happened that as my milk teeth were saying their goodbyes, my small mouth was having trouble accommodating the new comers. Fearing that I would look like I had a train wreck in my mouth, my mom decided that we go and see the local dentist. So I innocently run along with her in the hope of getting chocolates as always. At the clinic, it so turned out that I have to get a tooth plucked out since one of my teeth was not falling in line and the doc wanted to pluck one out to make way. Well I was kinda confused back then, cos the one she would have to pluck out would be a milk tooth. Where would the new tooth come from? But then who listens to what the kid has to say anyway. Needless to say, I ended up with a bleeding gum and a clip. I was dragged over two more times and that vampire plucked out two more of my teeth! Months rolled by and as more teeth started coming in, we realized that I now had one teeth over another, thanks to our dear dentist. Well that’s the last I ever made an appointment with a dentist. 

Dentists are Nuts!

Open Wide!

Now after some 20 years, I have finally mustered the courage to open my mouth to one, for nothing more than cleaning.


You won't like it when I am angry!

I am carrying a taser with me, just in case he brings his tools of torture in ways that I feel threatened.


My first blog!

So finally I have my first blog out on the web. Having picked up the inspiration reading a gazillion blogs on the web, I must say its pretty exciting to actually have my own blog.

As an introduction, I am an engineer working in management not even remotely related to what my specialization is. Weird huh? Well thats what education can do to you. You get to find out one of two things, what you want to do all your life, or what you want to have nothing to do with all your life. So here I am working as an analyst in management, after I realized that being logical, analytical and being able to put together a decent line in English is the primary requirement these days.

Anyways, more to come in the future.

Finishing up my first blog on the web!

FT out. Continue reading