Is the Pope an Idiot?

I have been meaning to put up this post ever since the pope apologized for all the sex abuses of minors the Catholic Church has been involved in. Well sure the guy apologized for the misbehavior of his priests but then he goes around and takes a pot shot at secularism. According to the Pope it is the creeping influence of liberal, secular society that caused the priests to lose self control.


Let’s not blame the condition of celibacy put forth by the church that stifles natural tendencies of man, let’s not blame a system that gives excessive powers to men, let’s just blame the secular society. Because hey, when you are in doubt, blame someone else! Right?

I am surprised people take this guy very seriously at all. This is the guy who went to Africa, a place where AIDS seems to have a strangle hold and tells people that the use of condoms will not help eradicate AIDS. Here is a grown man with so much influence telling people not to use a product that has been proven to be highly effective in preventing AIDS.

This is the same person who condemns non believers for causing global warming. Let’s forget, for a minute, the fact that global warming is a myth perpetrated by the likes of Al Gore who only have interest in their own personal agenda. Here is a guy who believes the Bible blindly when it says that God gave man dominion over the earth. This guy believes that the earth is nothing more than a celestial waiting room for eternal life. A guy who lives in palatial mansions soaked in luxury. And somehow it is the non believer who is plundering the environment?!?

So is the Pope an Idiot?


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