Lungis in Trouble!

Came across this piece from the forum I frequent. Thanks Jonyboy!

The Sharjah Government seems to be stirring shit up. It seems that men wearing lungis is a violation to their decency.

DUBAI: It may be the traditional drape of millions of Indians but the ‘humble lungi’ has attracted the wrath of authorities in Sharjah as the police is reportedly cracking down on men wearing the dress in public places.

There has, however, been no official communication to this effect.

Local reports said an Asian man was arrested and interrogated by police patrols in Sharjah a few days ago for wearing lungi in public.

He was told not to wear the dress in public. The news has had mixed reactions from Indians in the UAE even from those who rarely venture out in the traditional wear.

Yup... Its very offensive!

So apparently, its all fine and dandy to wear white night gowns with weirdass head gears that they keep flipping here and there even while driving at 200 km/h, but wearing lungis is a big no no. Talk about double standards!

Apparently, this is cool...

    • Jonyboy
    • April 8th, 2010

    Thanks to TOI. I jus shared it, mate.

    Btw….where did u get them classy ‘apt’ pictures?

    Really cool…..

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