You Dont Watch Sports?!?

Have you had people stare at you in disbelief when you tell them you don’t watch sports? It seems to be a guy thing to proudly state that he watches this sport or that one. I am not against that. You can watch whatever you want. But when people ask me what kind of a person does not watch sports, it pisses me off!

Ever since the IPL started I seem to be bumping into people who keep track of every game, every player and every record as if they are walking billboards of the biggest craze in India. Frankly I don’t see what the hype is all about. In my opinion, cricket and its players are over rated in India. Its just a guy hitting a ball, that was thrown in a funny manner, with a funny stick while another dozen players run around to catch it and throw it back. I just don’t enjoy watching that stuff. In fact I don’t enjoy watching another guy play a game and I definitely don’t feel hitting a ball around a field qualifies a person for the status of a demi god.

But hey, if you like watching it, by all means please continue. You can watch all the cricket or tennis you want and feel sad about Sania Mirza marrying a Pakistani cricketer. You can soak in all the gossip you can get your hands on about every cricketer you can think of. You can also listen to what Tiger Woods has to say even though you don’t know what the fuck golf is anyway. You won’t have me tell you what a bloody waste of time it is, well, unless you are using my TV. Just don’t expect me to be all excited everytime you tell me that Yuvraj or some other cricketer hit a sixer. If he can hit a six while on his knees with his right hand tied behind his back, then maybe I will watch it once or twice before deleting it.

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